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Mystery Meet Introduces New Content: Podcasts, Videos & More

Introducing New Mystery Meet Content: Podcasts, Videos & More

by Seth Resler · August 21, 2012

Two months ago, I announced the relaunch of Mystery Meet. The reason for the return was simple: I had been the victim of a violent crime that left me with terrible nerve damage, without the use of my left arm, and facing months (if not years) of surgery and physical therapy. For the foreseeable future, I found myself unable to work, but with a fair amount of time on my hands.

When you find yourself in this situation, and you’ve run out of Breaking Bad episodes to watch, you start to think about the things that have really brought you joy. I was surprised to realize that Mystery Meet ranked so high on my list. So I decided to bring the social dining group back…with several new components.

So I want to give you a tour of some of the exciting new things you can now find on our website:

  • Mystery Meet dinners are coming back to Boston. Glenn and Katrin of the Wine Dine With Us blog have graciously volunteered to host our return dinner in September. Can you guess where it will be?
  • We’re ready to launch Mystery Meet dinners in cities around the country. We’ve had people everywhere from Seattle to Phoenix to Philadelphia express interest in attending a Mystery Meet dinner in their own city, so we’ve set up our mailing list to accomodate over 20 cities nationwide. Encourage your fellow foodies to sign up, and when we see that there’s enough interest in a city to support a local chapter, we’ll host a dinner there!
  • Food bloggers are sharing their favorite restaurants in the Find Dining podcast. Our first episodes have featured great recommendations from Bianca Garcia of the Confessions of a Chocoholic blog, restaurant critic MC Slim JB of The Boston Phoenix and Stuff, and Nicole Spasiano of the I Am a Honeybee blog. Look for upcoming guests from other cities, including Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.
  • We’ve launched a YouTube channel. Watch a slideshow of great photos from featured restaurants as you listen to each Find Dining podcast.
  • We’re bringing foodies from around the country together with our tweetchats. A tweetchat is a moderated discussion over Twitter. We know how much foodies love to meet other foodies. We figured, why limit your friends to foodies in the same city?
  • We’re pinning! We know how much you love food porn, so we started our own Pinterest page.

As always, our core mission is to bring foodies together through new culinary experiences. We hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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