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Mystery Meet Boston to go on hiatus

Mystery Meet Boston to go on hiatus

by Seth Resler · July 31, 2011

After our fourteenth fantastic dining experience on August 9th, Mystery Meet Boston will go on hiatus for the remainder of 2011. Many of you know that I moved out to California in the Spring, and with the help of some wonderful Boston food bloggers I have continued to run the group. However, I have simply reached a point where I do not have enough time to continue. Returning to the sunshine has instilled in me a burning desire to spend my time outside, not sitting front of the computer. So I must turn my attention to other pursuits.

It is entirely possible that this group may return; I honestly have not decided what to do with it at the point. I do want to thank everyone who has supported this endeavor over the last year and a half. These events could not have happened without you, and I hope you have enjoyed the experiences as much as I have. I am very grateful to have been able to break bread with so many interesting people in a city with such a rich culinary scene. Thank you.


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