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What I Ate on my Last Weekend in Boston

What I Ate on my Last Weekend in Boston

by Seth Resler · April 6, 2011

East Coast GrillAfter spending two arduous days packing up and shipping everything I own off to California, I made the most of my last weekend in Boston. There were a few restaurants I had always wanted to try, and a few favorites I wanted to revisit one last time. After an exhausting day of packing and cleaning, we headed over to Oleana near Inman Square. I had heard wonderful things, and it didn’t disappoint. The 3C ale brewed specially for Oleana by Cisco might be my new favorite beer. The 3 C’s – corriander, cumin and cardamom – make it spicy but refreshing. I drank two. Instead of an entree, we opted to order several appetizers. So many of the dishes were great, from the hummus to the crispy duck wings, but my two favorites were the Sultan’s Delight (tamarind glazed beef and smokey eggplant puree with pinenuts) and the bread pudding for desert. If I were staying in Boston, I would definitely return here!

On Saturday, I found myself with some free time on my hands, so headed over to Brookline to revisit one of my favorite places, the New England Soup Factory. I have always loved their Lobster Newburg (with large, delicious chunks of lobster floating in it), so I ordered up a bowl with a side of multigrain bread for dipping. I also picked up a couple of soups to go. Over the last winter, I have made at least half a dozen soups from Marjorie Drucker’s beautiful cookbook, so I picked up another copy of that as well.

A little later in the afternoon, I stopped in Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream shop in Inman Square for a scoop or Mexican Chocolate and a scoop of Burnt Sugar. Just to be gluttonous, I topped it off with bits of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Totally unnecessary, but absolutely delicious.

Saturday night, I met up with a friend for one last drink, so we headed over to East Coast Grill in Inman Square. I have eaten at this restaurant more than any other during my time in Boston, and I wanted one last opportunity to sample their pickles and the fried plantains with banana-guava ketchup. These are two of my favorite side dishes in all of Boston. A fantastically juicy pulled pork sandwich with their light coleslaw made the evening complete!

On Sunday night, I headed out to the one finalist (now champion) in the Boston Globe‘s 2011 Munch Madness that I had never been to – Hungry Mother. We followed our waiter’s lead from start to finish. We opened with the Smokey Beef Tongue and the Pimento Cheese, followed it with the Mussels and the BBQ Jamison Lamb, and enjoyed the Steak and Frites and the Haddock for our main courses. However, the highlight for me was the side of cornbread – without a doubt, the sweetest, tastiest piece of cornbread to ever pass my lips.

My plane left Monday afternoon, which left me with time for one last morning meal. What better place to go than Flour Bakery? I had an egg and cheese sandwich topped with tomato and dijonaise, washed down with a cup of coffee. And just for good measure, I bought a piece of the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake to take on the plane.

Personally, I’m quite proud of myself. I don’t think I could have eaten better if it were my last meal before execution. Where would you go if it were your last weekend in Boston?


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