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Mystery Meet Dinner at The Tip Tap Room in Boston

November 2012: The Tip Tap Room in Boston

by Jen Dorman

The Tip Tap Room
  • Will Blaxton’s old ‘hood.
  • The new kid on the block since June.
  • The chef charmed a rattlesnake.
  • A Massachusetts word for marinated cuts of meat.
  • Gregory Hines in ’89.
  • Appetizes: Rock Shrimp, Baked Brie, Wild Mushrooms, Potato and Cheese & Cracklins
  • Autumn Salad
  • Tips: Steak, Lamb, Chicken, Swordfish, Kangaroo, Yak and Buffalo
  • Bread Pudding

Jen DormanOn a crisp fall night, a band of food lovers gathered together at The Tip Tap Room in Boston’s Beacon Hill Neighborhood. They were all hungry carnivores hunting for a delicious dinner and fun dining company.



Appetizer Selection: Several appetizers were selected for us to try: Rock Shrimp, Baked Brie, Wild Mushrooms, Potato and Cheese & Cracklins. These dishes were brought out family style.

Autumn Salad: Individual servings of Autumn Salad were served. This had maple roasted pecans, roasted pumpkin, blue cheese and a cranberry sage vinaigrette.


Tips: Seven types of tips were brought out family style for us to share. We enjoyed Steak, Lamb, Chicken, Swordfish, Kangaroo, Yak and Buffalo. Each were plated beautifully and passed around the table.

Bread Pudding: We ended the night with individual servings of Bread Pudding. They were artfully presented with gorgeous drizzle on the plate. A feast for the eyes!


The attendees  bonded over chatting about our favorite paces to eat and shared our lists of places we each want to go. Several diners were already friends and all were friendly. It was a fun mix of people to have a fun dinner with!

Chef Brian Poe selected many wonderful and different dishes for us to try. The amount of food was almost overwhelming. The staff was attentive and the atmosphere was relaxed. This was a great destination for a group outing and a desire to try new foods. Special thanks to Brian and the entire team at Tip Tap Room. Cheers!

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