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Mystery Meet Social Dining: FAQ


What is Mystery Meet?
Mystery Meet is an opportunity for food lovers to explore new restaurants together, but there’s a catch…we don’t tell you what restaurant we’re going to until 24 hours in advance!  Mystery Meets always happen on a Tuesday, and tickets always go on sale one in advance.  Yes, that means you won’t know where you’re going to when you purchase tickets.  Don’t worry…we do give you some clues.  And you can see where we’ve been.

I have dietary restrictions – can I still join you?
Yes! When you purchase your tickets, we will give you an opportunity to tell us about any about any restrictions you may have.  So if you’re a vegetarian, have religious restrictions or have allergies, we will accommodate you.

What does the ticket price include?
Your ticket price includes your meal, tax and tip.  We recommend that you bring cash for drinks, which are not included in your ticket.

Help! I can’t find a link to purchase tickets on the site!
We do not provide a link to purchase tickets on the Mystery Meet site itself.  You will receive a link to purchase tickets by signing up for our email or text message list.  We will also post this link to our followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Does it cost me anything to join?
If you sign up for the text message alerts, normal text messaging rates may apply, and if you join us in person for a Mystery Meet, you will pay for your meal and drinks. Other than that, there is no cost to you.

How can my restaurant participate in Mystery Meet?
We’d love to to host a Mystery Meet at your restaurant! Contact us for more information.

These events sell out fast! Any hints for getting tickets in time?
We send out an email invitation the morning that tickets go on sale.  We also send out a text message at the moment tickets go on sale.

Is this a dating site?

Is this a business networking site?

Is this a food blog?
No, but we like to spotlight the work of great food bloggers around the country by inviting them to host our dinners or be guests on our Find Dining podcast.

Will you send me spam?
No.  You will receive two emails (one pre-event, one post-event) and/or one text message from us per event. If you have requested any additional email notifications, you will receive those as well.  If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we will also post status updates of interest to food lovers.

Will you sell my contact info to other companies?
No third party will ever be given access to your personal information.

I’m a food blogger. If I purchase the ‘food blogger’ ticket, do I have to blog about my experience at Mystery Meet?
Restaurants come to us with unique dining experiences because they know hosting a Mystery Meet give them exposure in local food blogs.  In order for us to continue to provide food bloggers with access to these great events, we ask that you write about them.  Of course, what you say is entirely up to you – we just ask that you say something.

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds unless the event itself is canceled.  Your ticket is only good for the event on the date for which it was purchased; tickets cannot be applied to future events. Tickets can be transferred provided that Mystery Meet is given sufficient notice.

Are there sponsorship opportunities available?
Absolutely!  Please contact us for more information.

I am on the email list but I’d also like to receive text message alerts. Where do I sign up?

How do I opt out of the text message alerts?
Next time you receive one, simple reply with the word “STOP.”

How can I get Mystery Meet to come to my town?
Thanks to the good people at Eventful, you can request Mystery Meets in your city.

How can I become a guest on your podcast?
If you are a food blogger, restaurant critic or chef, we’d love to feature you as a guest on our Find Dining podcast. Please contact us for more information.