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Mystery Meet Social Dining in Seattle

Mystery Meet is Coming to Seattle in 2013

Tuesday, January 15th

Join us for a great meal with other adventurous foodies. Meet new people as you experience the city’s best restaurants. There’s only one catch — you don’t find out where you’re going until 24 hours in advance!

“Brings together like-minded foodies for surprise dining experiences.”  —The Boston Globe

Mystery Meet launched in Boston in 2010. After earning rave reviews from places like The Boston Globe and Boston.com, it spread to San Francisco. Now, Mystery Meet is launching a Seattle chapter. Myrissa Yamashiro of the Almost Fit to Eat blog will host our first dinner in January.

Location Clues:

Myrissa Yamashiro

Myrissa Yamashiro

    1. Eastsiders, you’re Good To Go to this restaurant.
    2. This neighborhood is named for a park.
    3. Nice hat.
    4. Named for the father.
    5. Son of Vader.

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